New  Turtle Board Line  starting June  2020.

Everything about the “compact” board has been optimized to make it as easy as possible to get up onto the foil.
The compact dimensions, thick beveled rails, give stability and al-low it to paddle and track straight and free;
while the recessed deck and stance give great leverage and control over the foil.
Available in 3 sizes.
Fully Customizable

New  DEEP TUTTLE FOIL BOX V6  will hit the market April 2020.

New concept – New materials

The DEEP TUTTLE FOIL BOX V6 box has the same features of version V4 – V5 but with upgrade with a new PVC 110Kg/cm3

We will launch the PRE-ORDERS  on 18th March 2020, 

Delivery will start from April 2020.

the first batch will be of only 5 pieces

Pre Orders will starts:

Pre Order here from 18th March 2020