The idea for the Nose Protector was born in 2000 after a series of requests from our customers to have a added  protection for their boards, preventing it from getting damaged during unexpected catapult crashes..
After several months of testing on some windsurfing schools boards, in 2001 we developed the product and started to commercialize it.
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Basically it works because it fits perfectly on your board (less than 1mm space between your board and the nose) , and it’s made with first class materials, only the best on the market.

it fits all boards, with a special hand-made technique we can make a different nose-protections for all kind of boards, model and year.

It takes 1 -2 days to be done. As we shape it by hand on your board,
We need your board for one day!

there is a reason why you can’t, all the production boards has some asymmetrical differences between same boards, even if we produce a Nose with the same board  like yours the Nose will not fit perfectly, and will not work properly, that’s why it’s not possible to order Online.

It’s CUSTOM made , using only high quality materials and most important of all it is kept very light!!
Ours Nose Protector works 100%. Check our Client Review Page

it can be removed and the board looks just like before.

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