Deep Tuttle FOIL READY


All our Deep Tuttle Fin box are FOIL READY.
Full reinforcement of PVC 90kg/cm3*and specific Carbon for different Foil Box. Unique Construction with T reinforcement.
Specs and Suggestions models :
Foil Box V4: For any kind of Foil
Foil Box V5: Specific made for Race Foil or mast over 80cm
Foil Box V6: For any kind of Foil mast shorter then 75cm
Works for: Windsurfing foil, Sup foil, Formula Foil, Kite foil, Wing Foil

Cause Covid19, PVC 90kg/cm3 can be 2 or 4cm depends on availability of the warehouse and can be changed without notice

Back order will be shipped as soon as the product is available, normally will take 6 working days.

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