How to Check if your board can be foil ready

In this page, we are trying to explain you if in your board can be install a Deep Tuttle Fin Box – Foil Ready.

Before you order a Deep Tuttle Foil Box , you must checked if your board can be used so let’s check some measurement :

– 1) Starting from the tail, take a distance from the tail to the beginning of hole of your fin box. (power box or deep tuttle) Photo 1
– 2) To that measurement add 1cm. ( at this measurement we give a name: A)
– 3) Turn upside down the board and with a square tool check your measurement   (A) and make a mark with a pen. Photo 2 -3
– 5) Now, check if at the point your mark the thickness of the board. Photo 4 -5
– 6) If your board it’s 7 cm or more, the Deep Tuttle Foil Box can be installed.
– 7) if Not, please write us we will produce a different box. (Contact Us) or you can still think to install a Foil Track Mount.

Below some photos that explain the steps above.

After you purchase the Foil Box, you will receive a Password to access a tutorial where you can learn how to mount the Foil Box.