Season 2022 opening soon

Aloha everyone!
Here we are after a very challenging 2021 season, full of work and satisfactions!

Turtle wing

born during the lock down had an exponential growth, so much that we had to reorganize our entire work shop, with separate website and a different management to satisfy all our customers.
We produce Custom Boards, with high performance materials and CNC cutting machine.
You can always personalize your order choosing the shape, volume, graphics and colors.
“Tailored for your need, delivered at your home”
Check  website here

Custom Boards:
As everyone probably already knows we have built in the last 3 years some prototypes for JP-Australia, only a few days ago we received the first images from Jaws – Maui / HI  of Robbie Swift, (photo below).

Deep Tuttle Foil Box – Future Track Mount:
We are still producing both, keeping always the same materials we were able to save something on the weight especially the Deep Tuttle Foil Box.
Check availability here

That’s it for now
We will be ready for a new season March 26, 2022.
Have a great week!


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