Tabou 3S style + Missing NOSE

This brand new Tabou 3Style Plus has been hit by a Foil catamaran, that runs over the board.
The board lost completely the nose.
Client came in the shop, in one piece, no damage for him, (luckily).
We are been working for 2 weeks and this is the results.
I hope you like it.

Starboard iSonic 122 – Foil Ready

Another board converted into a Foil Board.
In this Starboard iSonic 122 has been removed the deep tuttle Box, and we change with a Deep Tuttle Foil Ready V4.
Now the client can still use the board with normal fins or with a Foil.
You can get your Deep Tuttle Foil Box in our store.
Shipping World Wide with UPS.

Nose Broken – Starboard iSonic

Almost brand new board, get smashed with the mast into the nose.
Bottom of the board had a crack long about 40cm on the deck for 30cm.
It took about 5days of work to fix it, but now the client can come back in the water.