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We are opening soon.. Maybe!

Hello everyone,since out last post, (that can you read here), we are still working to finish 6 windsurfing boards for JP Australia.We are talking about 2 small slalom, 2 middle slalom, and 2 Formula Foil, that took us more time of anything else. We scheduled to deliver for  March 15, 2021, then this board with […]

Always a pleasure.. to work with him

Hey Everyone, How are you?? In the last 3 days, we worked with JP Australia, for some new prototypes 2022. 4 Slalom Boards + 2 Foil Boards. As usual we can’t show the details of the boards, but we can tell you only that they look really innovative, here some photos. he delivery date will […]

We are Back.. even we never move it!

Dear all, How are you doing? We are here in Torbole Lake Garda, kind of locked in our region since before Xmas cause Covid19, without any chance to leave or go out our region. We had only a permit to go to pick up some materials and nothing more.. so we been working almost every […]

Foiling Week: Deep Tuttle Foil Box – Discount

Hello everyone, In the last few days, we took a break from work, even because actually we don’t have Boards to fix. So we reorganize all the Foil Boxes.in our Online Store. Starting from Monday 25, January, until  Sunday night, we will give you a PROMO CODE for the Deep Tuttle Foil Box V4 / […]

Excuse me, where were we?

Hi there, Sorry, but it’s been a while, since I have written my last post here in this blog.  I’ll try to do a little summary of my past month. In our last post, we mention a new release of our best seller Future Track Mount 2 . After that ,we had so many orders that […]

Future Foil Track Mount 2 – New Release!

Hello Everyone, We hoping are you doing good even in this hard moment, cause Covid19. Today we want introduce to you, a new version of our best seller: Future Foil Track Mount 2. Made from an extremely high density 4cm thickness  PVC 90 Kg/cm²  this Foil Track Mount can be integrated into any board you […]

We stay open all winter.. almost!

Hello everyone, it pass almost a month since my last post in this blog. Sorry, but has been the busiest September ever. We really hope you had time to get in the water, not like us, that last time we have been was August. Anyway what we did in this month or so? First of […]

That’s why, I’m not posting in the blog!

Aloha everyone, Has been quite few weeks from my last blog post. Here we will try to explain you why. First of all Turtle Wing Boards, since we opened the online store, we have received many orders, that  we’re trying to deliver on schedule. Yesterday we deliver a TW90L to Lucas, from Switzerland, and tomorrow […]

Sorry too busy for this..

Aloha Friday Everyone, Has been quite a long time from our last post, but we still alive 😀 In the last few weeks, we were pretty busy with repairs and  build a prototype for a big Windsurfing company. Meantime we had a chance to get wet in the water in the morning and test some […]