Starboard iSonic 2019 – Crashed!

Almost brand new board, had a crash with another board.
The guy ran over this board with a fin from almost half board all way into the end of the nose.
In this gallery you can see all the photos before and after.

Starboard iSonic 122 – Foil Ready

Another board converted into a Foil Board.
In this Starboard iSonic 122 has been removed the deep tuttle Box, and we change with a Deep Tuttle Foil Ready V4.
Now the client can still use the board with normal fins or with a Foil.
You can get your Deep Tuttle Foil Box in our store.
Shipping World Wide with UPS.

Nose Broken – Starboard iSonic

Almost brand new board, get smashed with the mast into the nose.
Bottom of the board had a crack long about 40cm on the deck for 30cm.
It took about 5days of work to fix it, but now the client can come back in the water.