Back in the water..

Since back from Maui,
we get kind of busy to prepare and opening the shop for the new season.
We have been checking the forecast for the entire week and we noticed a chance to get some wind in Lido of Venice, South / East wind, Scirocco
Normally, this direction it’s never to be trusted, but we follow the forecast and the we decided to leave Torbole and drive down there.
Wednesday night we were already on the spot, but no wind at all.
The next day at 6am was already 22kts, kind of light, and no so much waves.
We decided to go around 9.30.. in the beginning no so much wind, with weird angle but okay for sailing front side… then during the day the wind turned a little bit more South and we move more close to the DIGA, where the waves were much better angle.
I sail straight 2.h 30m.. with 5.0, and 81L.. so much fun.. and my back was kind of okay.
Great time to met lot of friends,
See you next time!  
 #venice #beaberto #alcason
It’s the first time that I went back in the water in April 🙂