The Foiling Paradise

Aloha and welcome to Maui!
Arrived just on time, the wind started to blow pretty consistently, according to some friends, November has been a disaster for the trades.
After a few days of recovering from my long flight, and after setting up the house, I started to check out all the news around.
First of all, FOILING – 100% all way around.
Wing, Windsurfing, Surf, Kite and Sup, all with FOIL.
There are so many news, that I suggest you to follow me on Instagram stories.
Starting with Windsurfing Foiling, looks like more people are involved to use the foil just for riding waves or just to go when the wind is really light. Below you can see Pascal Bronnimann using his Goya Bolt 125 free ride board with new 2020 MFC Foil.
You can’t see it, but the wind was something like 10 kts and he was using the 4.0 “school” sail by goya windsurfing!

Wing – Foiling
You can see them everywhere, in the flat water, in the waves area, almost with all kind of conditions.
A lot of brands are investing money and developing around this sport.
My personally opinion,  looks like the best “wing or S-wing ” I saw around, its F-one even because people talks at the beach , and using it and seems more easy to use it.

In the next post I will try to talk more about it.
it’s windy and the forecast looks really good in term of wind ..
so I have to go..

Talk to you soon,