Throwback Thursday, back in Town

Aloha everyone,
I’m back in Torbole, where has been cold for few days and windy.
Nearly all shops, hotels and bars are preparing for the new season, although there is some concern due to this virus. In our area we had no cases, (at least for now, finger crossed), so at the moment we are quiet and we will open the shop Saturday, March 7 from 10am to 12pm and Sunday same time.
Our Online shop it’s fully running with all the items back in Stock and ready to be shipped.
During the flight back home I found a small sequence of the last day of sailing in Maui.

Meantime, I’m working for a total new Deep Tuttle Foil Box, v6, lighter and cheaper, and probably will hit the market in April.
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Talk to you soon.
A warm aloha