Nice to be back in the water

Aloha Everyone,
after came back from Maui, end of February,  the weather here in Torbole Lake Garda has been nice, warm and windy.
Cause the Pandemic emergency, we couldn’t move from home and then, just a week ago, we can’t practice sport using a vehicle (car) to reach the spot.
Just last Friday, everything changed again, so Saturday, I loaded the van and went windsurfing.
The wind was enough for 5.0 and freestyle board, (less wind then Friday) but was nice and warm.
Sailed for 1h or so, with no boots, was really fun.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay close to other friends or clients, (it’s mandatory, wearing a mask and do not stay close to other persons), that for our “windsurfing spirits” it’s something unusual, but wherever..


some other friends keeping the distance..



that’s it for now
it’s time, now  to go glue the Pad on my Wing board.
Thank to you soon,