Turtle Board Line – Online

Aloha everyone!
We really hope you had a good week end.
We worked hard refine our Online Store, that now looks much better and intuitive.
We introduce our Wing Board Line called “Turtle“.
This name came from long time ago (it was 2008) when we first met our friend John, in Maui, who joked with us about the English pronunciation of Turtle.
From that day on, my nickname became: Turtle.
We are very happy to offer you the opportunity to get your Customized board, with all the options you like.
In fact you can choose from A – Z, almost all!
You can check out at this link and try to customize your wing.
You can Pre-order for free and we will contact you for refine your board.
Meantime, we went back in the water for more testing .. and some Foiling Party!

That’s it for today, check the online store for the wingboard, and if you need some more info please contact us.
Have a good week.