Turtle Wing Line 75L

Aloha Everyone
We hope you had a great weekend, here in Lake Garda we had one of the best weekend after the lock down.
Today we want to present you the 75L of our Turtle Wings.
Shaped completely with 3D CNC machine has an EPS of 15kg/m3.
The board has a compact designs with a double concave on the bottom,  from the nose to the Track Mount area.
The deck has a progressive central concave (6mm – max ), to improve the feeling of your feet on the board completed with a EVA brushed diamond 3mm.
PVC Sandwich 3mm 90kg on the bottom and PVC Sandwich 3mm 75kg on the deck, its a fully carbon fiber,  weight only 5.1kg,  pad included, with this sizes: 160cm x 63.5 x 75L.
All the board has a carbon look finishing with  Fluo color and a Glossy Anti UV.

Here below a small gallery:

The boards it’s available on the market  starting today, this particular board has a promo price of 1250 euro + shipping.
We hope you like it, please let us know in the comment below what you think.
Have a nice week

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