Turtle Wing 90L Carve

Aloha everyone,
How you guys doing?
Sorry if in the last week we didn’t post nothing but, I had a problem with my laptop, ( still right now) so, i was no able to post anything.
What we did in the last 2 weeks, first of all, we finished a new Turtle Wing Custom Board – Carve 90L, and we produced a small quatity of Deep Tuttle Foil Box V4 and V5.
Turtle Wing Carve 90L
We had a spare block of EPS so we decide to build this board has a backup, but turned kind of a new project because we managed few more things in the lamination plan.
Infact the board’s weight it’s only 5.3Kg for a 90L board. Sized: 160 x 68.4 x 90Liters
We didn’t remove any single layer of Carbon or Fiberglass but we change totally how to apply on the board. ( less resing – less waste – less weight).
For this board we choose a kind, of unsual color for a sports equipment, but we wanted it to be noticed otherwise we would make boards with anonymous colors, like 99% of the boards on the market 🙂
Here below a small gallery:

Technical details:
EPS 15kg – 3mm PVC 90Kg bottom – 3mm PVC 75kg deck – Full Carbon 125 gr + 80gr Fiberglass bottom – Full carbon 125gr +  Carbon 170gr + 80gr Fiberglass on deck
Future Track Mount 27cm  – 3mm Deck Pad with 3M glue. Total weight 5.29kg
More info please send us a email to info@turtlewing.com
Talk to you Monday..
Andrea 🙂