Promo Code – Deep Tuttle Foil Box V6

Good Morning!
last week we build several Deep Tuttle Foil Box and we will love to give you a promo discount code for get one of those.
Our Deep Tuttle Foil Box are made it in Full Carbon material and PVC 90kg and since we introduced in 2017 we get a incredible feedback from our customer all around the world.
We sold them to over 30 Countries around the world, with UPS Fast Shipping, below the map:

Our Deep Tuttle Foil Boxes are divided in 3 different main categories – discipline:
Deep Tuttle Foil Box V4 suggest for foil with mast over 70 cm Discipline: FREERIDE – FREERACE
Deep Tuttle Foil Box V5 suggest for foil with mast over 65 cm Discipline: FREERIDE – FREERACE – RACE
Deep Tuttle Foil Box V6 suggest for foil with mast shorter then 70 cm Discipline: FREERIDE

You can apply this code: DTFoil20  starting today and expiring on August 31, 2020.
For more info or details please contact us on whattapp or by email here

Have a nice day
Andrea 😉