Another season…

Another season is slipping away..and it’s time to report this 2018.

It’s been a very long season starts a little undertone, perhaps due to the bad weather of May and June, but then recovered with August September and October.
Also March and April has been good..

This year with the introduction of the foil has opened us to a new sector, where since November 2017 I had started working on it and that has given a lot of satisfaction (check here)

We are closing the shop for the winter pause on October 28, 2018, untill begining of March 2019, but we are not closed at all, we will take some time to recharge the batteries and for deliver another small project in my mind and get ready for the next season.

The online shop will go in pause expect for the Deep Tuttle foil Box V4 and the Pre-Order of the V5 ( check the links).

I’d like to THANK to all of you, Customers, friends, supportes for a positive reviews and warm love that alsways push me to continue..

Thank You,

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