Future Track Mount – Tips and consequences

Hello everyone,
since we started producing and selling the Future Track Mount V2, Online in march 2019, the demand was so high that we barely made it to ship out all the orders received.

Since day one, we had very few feed backs from customers, Windsurfing Brands Managers and Foil Companies.
This lack of information motivated us to provide some useful tips on how to install correctly the System, particularly for windsurfing use!

The front wing generates such a huge lift in front of the Future Track Mount (see picture below)

The power of the Front Wing goes directly into the Future Track Mount, through the fuselage, the Mast and the Plate.

Your production board’s foam is 10Kg/cm³ and doesn’t have enough consistency to hold all that force. The front of the Future Track Mount will tend to sink inside the board.

In this pictures below, a production Naish Windsurfing Foil board, the whole box sank inside the board. We’ve seen this happening with quite a few foil ready production boards already.
Please see the following picture.


What happens when the “Block” sinks inside the board?
The worst scenario is that the whole things comes off and you will lose your foil.
If you’re lucky enough the box won’t come off, you won’t loose your foil, but your board will be soaked with water inside and there’s no chance you can get it back to normal.

During our R&D process before hitting the market with the Future Track Mount V2, we found an easy solution to totally AVOID this issue.

During the installation, you may want to connect the “block” with your deck.
You can use a 2CM of PVC density 90kg/cm³ connected from the bottom of your Future Track Mount V2 straight into the deck and located in the front part of the Block, where maximum pressure is applied
Please check the drawing below.

We installed many Future Track Mount V2 on any kind of production boaeds. All our installations are hodling perfectly and safely (yet – Finger crossed 🙂 🙂 ) .
We hope you’ll find helpful this little guide on how to properly install the Future Track Mount.