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In the older Blog post, ( here )
I was talking about how here in Maui you can see foils everywhere.
This time I’m trying to talk more about Wings.
According with some sources the “wing” born in the 1980s, and inspired by seagulls, Tom Magruder developed the Wind Weapon, a rigid sail that rotated freely on a windsurf board.
Check this video below:

Later, in the 2000s, a couple of water sports companies developed a few inflatable wing prototypes that could be used with SUPs.
But the products never saw the light of day.
Meanwhile, snow windsurfers used similar portable sails to glide across frozen lakes and compete in ice sailing world championships.
With the rise of the hydrofoil era, hand-held inflatable sails conquered a space of themselves and a potentially interesting market share.
The equipment is relatively easy to put together. It has no rigging components, no lines, bars, booms or masts.
All you have to do is inflate the lightweight wing and get to the water. Simplicity is the concept behind it.
The size of a standard all-around sail ranges around 4/ 5 square meters, and it generates enough power to get you going in flat water.
Actually, if you’re on a hydrofoil board, you’ll only need 12 knots of wind to start sailing. Wing surfing is not about riding strong winds above 25 knots.
Although it was conceived to be used with a foil board, it can also be adopted for riding stand-up paddleboards (SUP), windsurf and kiteboards, and even skateboards and snowboards.
Adding a Foil,  to a small board  and the Wing, you have a proper machine for light wind.
A lot of different brands you can see at the beach, especially F-One, Duotone,  and many more,  but talking with people on the beach seems the  F-one are the best.

About Foils and boards,  you can really have a lot of different brands, sizes and shapes.
Below some photos of local stuff:
Jimmi Lewis



In the next post I’ll try to show some of the best, (or most used) Foil Brands here in Maui.
In this photo below it’s how you can often see cars like this in maui.

Talk to you soon..
Happy Holidays


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