Hotwheels? No HotWings!

In the last few weeks the weather here in Maui has been kind of “shitty”.
Strong wind (over 45kts) and almost no waves, (except the wind swell) and a lot of rain forced me to organize all the new materials for the new season 2020 .
That will start in March 2020.
In these days I had a time to visit a really Boss and friend (I considering a good friend)  Jeff Henderson,  owner of HOT SAILS MAUI.
Even though I’m not riding anymore Hot sails we still have a good relationship.. so I spent few hours with him to talk about WINGS, BOARDS and more…

” Jeff has an interesting vision of the wing sport development. He has always envisioned a merging of kite surfing and windsurfing and he thinks this may be as close as it gets. The simplicity is undeniable and the main attraction of wing surfing. The possibilities beyond water sports and foils is a lot more significant that the foil riding part. “

While we were talking, he shows me the HOT WINGS, that in the beginning I confuse with a brand of Toys HOT WHEELS (we laugh a lot).

These Wings come for now in only one size: 3Mq, and cost around 599$, and looks really good, soon there will be some other sizes, but he wanted to get the first size perfect before expanding the line up. 
The construction materials are the similar for a Kite except for the 2 panels in transparent PVC, that allow the rider to look around.
Actually I saw also another version – a proto –  with white material really nice and cool.
The Wings use two tiny carbon “handles” or , (to use like a mini boom) for some more control. This is the most unique aspect of the Hot Wings. With the carbon mini booms the feel while sailing is closer to a boom or a kite bar, yet the overall design is extremely lightweight and more of a surf style wing than brands that have a full length hard boom. 

I really enjoyed the time spend with him.
In this video below you can actually see it how HOT WINGS works.

Talk to you soon,

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