Lockdown Day 21!

Hello everyone,
Hoping that everyone is healthy and safe at home.
Just a quick update about us and the Italy situation.
We are doing good, we take a break of the production of our Foil Boxes, just because we want respect the order of our Major – Governament.
We still have a plenty of Foil boxes, but we are running out of Deep Tuttle Foil Box v4 Less 135Liters.
We have already started a new production lot and more boxes will be ready in a week, or so and we will be able to ship end of this week or beginning of next one.
The lockdown will be expire on the 3rd of April, but we are pretty confident that our Governament will extend for another 2 weeks.
Let us just hope that these restrictive measures begin to take effect and that we will soon be able to have a near normal life.
That’s it for now.
Thank you for all your messages are reason for us to continue our work.
we will talk to you soon.
Take Care  – Stay Home.