Wing board coming soon.. ACME Customfactory NoveNove

Hello everyone,
last January, before the health emergency hit almost everyone, we had seen and tried some foil boards and Wings in Maui.
Taking inspiration but mostly talking to who, with the wingboards, has been going for a long time.
We tried to “steal” ideas, measurements and drawings, and then we had the chance, one day, to make a foil board.
Thanks to Gianni of  ACMEcustomfactory / NoveNove  Now it’s the DAY!
Once we have inserted all the measures into a cad program, we spent some days to refine all : curves / data / sizes / volume.
We have so much time in this “locked down mode” for shaping this type of board, and use when all will be over.

In the past we have made it other boards like: Surf, Kite and Sup,check portfolio page.
Below is the virtual result.

This will be the sizes: 190 x 68 x 104Liters, and we need to work a lot on the edges, rails, concave and bottom design.
Stay tuned more coming soon.
See you next time.

Stay Home – Stay Safe.