what we have done so far!

Hello Everyone,
how you doing??
During in the week or so, luckily, we were so busy to do some repairs,  evacuate some orders of our Foil Boxes, and started to build some Wing Boards of our line Turtle Wings!
We started to build few days ago: 2 x 75L and 1 x  90L.


This are the details:
Turtle Wing 75 v6  (Left side on this picture)
160cm x 63.5cm x 10.7cm

Turtle Wing 75 v5 Light (center on this picture)
160cm x 63.2 x 10.9

Turtle Wing 90 Pro (right hand side on the picture)
160cm x 68.5 x 11.7


We will put some other photos, in a few days when they are almost finished…


Meantime the weather has been quite good until last week, then not so nice, kind of rains in the morning and sunny in the afternoon
Unfortunately, we did have time to go sailing.. but we will see this week how goes.
Keep in touch in the next days with more photos.
Have a good day!