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Hello everyone,
In the last 3 days we have been very busy with 2 new main projects.
In fact, we have started a new production of Future Track Mount 27cm Vers. B  that will be ready next Friday to evade back orders.


We also put in the production of 2 wing boards for customers.
Turtle Wing 90L – 5’3” x 26’8” x 4’6”
Turtle Wing 75L –  5’3” x 25” x 4’2”
In the next few days we will posted some photos of the EPS shaped, with CNC Machine,  we are also finishing up repairs some customers boards.
We would like to remind you that you can ask a quote in all freedom and autonomy of your wing board at this page, you can configure your board has much you want.
Talking about social media we are reaching 6000 likes on our Facebook page, show us some L-O-V-E with a like!, it’s FREE 😀 !!
See you tomorrow!
Andrea 🙂

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