This is Mine!

Aloha Friday, Today we want show you my personal  Wing Board of our Turtle Wing Line.
Sized 160cm x 63.5 x 72Litres, weight 5.2 kg has been made it with EPS 10Kg/m3 – Fully  3mm Sandwich PVC 75kg and Fully Carbon 170Gr.
The Board has a double concave until the Future Track mount,  then a marked hull.
Marked Bevels gives a better and smooth feeling when you touch the water.
The recessed deck allows you to use the board even without straps for a Free Gliding.
The Board is finished with opaque and anti UV Transparent to maintain the original color even under the exposure for a long time in the sun and 3mm Eva PAD diamond groove with 3M adhesive.
We hope you like it!