Flymount & Turtle Wing Custom Boards

Aloha Friday everyone,
today we want to talk about the best action camera mount, for windsurf rigs, roll bars, handlebars, bike frames, windsurf booms, SUP paddles, and much, much more!
We are Talking of Flymount .
We are using Flymount from the first model came out that was i think more than 10 years ago, and every time a new model comes out, was time for us to get it.
We made more than 10.000 photos and videos around the world, with Flymount without have any single problem.

Today we want talk about our relationship with this brand, because WE NEED SOMETHING NEW.
We are talking about this “New” product since March 2020, during the Lockdown, and will be a revolutionary for some of you, We were surprise when we saw the first Prototype on paper,  we’d love to get as soon as possible to make some of the best view photos, that you can’t imagine.

We can’t say more now, just because they are under licensing, but as soon we can we will give you some more info about.

Here our Turtle Wing Board 75L has been “marked” already waiting…

Has soon we get some news, we will post it.
Have a nice weekend.

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