From 2 US Boxes to Future Track Mount

Aloha Friday everyone,
we are not in Torbole right now, but in Venice, my hometown, (finally).
Just before we left home our friend Paolo came in the shop with a “small” problem, on his wing board:
the 2 US box breaks.
Back in 2019, we made a small blog post “Tips and Consequences ” regarding how the foil really works and push into your board.
In Paolo’s custom Board, the 2 US Box have been installed individually, increasing the risk of breakage that in fact happened.

After opening the board,  we found that those who installed the boxes, only poured resin inside the EPS to “support” the boxes, during the catalysis, especially if concentrated in small spaces the resin warms and tends to burn the EPS, creating empty spaces.
We clean all the part and this was the situation.
To support the new Future Track Mount we add 4 vertical layer of PVC 2cm thickness with carbon where then we install the new Future Track Mount.

Took about 2 days to finish the work and give back the board to our friend, that now he car ride more “safety”.

we want you to understand that the foil exerts an important vertical pressure on the board, especially on the EPS, so first venture into an insecure and durable installation, read the article in this post.
Talk to you soon.