Strong enough?

Aloha Sunday everyone,
in the last 2 days here, the weather has been kind of cloudy and rainy, and the forecast for next week seems to be full of rain.
In the our previous post , where we installed our Future Track Mount in our friend custom board, we want just to clarify , that board it’s not RRD.
It’s a Custom Board made in Brasil, and not made it from RRD. 🙂
Back to us, some clients are wondering if the Future Track Mount are strong enough,  check the photo below sent from our client.
He crash into a sand bar, and he bent his foil mast. (by the way the foil it’s a Naish 😀 😀 )


We’d like to thank all the customers that yesterday, first weekend after the lock down, visiting us in the shop.
We really appreciated.

Talk to you soon

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